Angry Birds Surprise Eggs Red Bird

Video Description: Watch Kids City Angry Birds & Hot Wheels in this video. See them use the slingshot to fling the birds around and  open up the giant Red Bird surprise egg.

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0:00 [Music] 0:02 hi kids welcome to kids city today to
0:05 get this Angry Bird read that has Angry
0:09 Birds Hot Wheels in here and we have
0:13 this connect set oh sorry
0:16 red are you happy and we got this Angry
0:19 Birds connect set and got this Angry
0:23 Birds Hot Wheels we’re gonna open this
0:27 and I’m going to pin this dim that says
0:30 go open this and then we’re gonna open
0:32 this surprise egg and launch them on
0:34 this this is the hot view slingshot
0:37 launch wow there’s so much in rivers
0:41 things I’m taller than this Angry Birds
0:44 egg see let’s do it boom
0:53 so I was behind the camera this this
0:57 here is the Angry Birds Hammond around
1:00 building set from connects that’s what
1:05 it’s going to look like when we’re done
1:09 you’re going to build this while I build
1:12 this connect set and then we’re going to
1:14 open up the ingram burn scars oh lordy
1:23 yeah yeah that’s definitely not gonna
1:26 look like the box Hey say what I’m just
1:28 gonna make my own building how’s that a
1:32 [Music] 1:38 chuck this Angry Birds connects it comes
1:44 with a king pig a little bitty pig what
1:48 does not work
1:49 okay I think that’s supposed to be check
1:51 little flash says it’s not a hambone why
1:55 also comes with red remember we’re gonna
2:02 open up this surprise egg in a minute
2:07 this this is going to be like an
2:09 interpretation of what’s on the box not
2:13 an actual replica I’m going more for art
2:18 remember oh hey kids remember to hit
2:35 that thumbs up button and let us know if
2:36 you want to see more Lego builds on kids
2:38City and maybe what kind of themes like
2:41Star Wars or Marvel comment below and
2:43let us know if you want more Lego builds
2:45on kin city
2:47[Music] 2:59teamwork makes the dream work especially
3:02on Legos so we’ve got the connects set
3:09built finally took a little bit little
3:12extra time every yeah you did he did
3:17really good he’s a little Lego builder
3:18we’re gonna do more Lego builds and we
3:21also have the Hot Wheels track built
3:24we’re going to take these those outside
3:26we’re going to smash the connect set
3:28we’re going to test the Hot Wheels track
3:31but now right now we’re going to open up
3:34this Angry Birds Play Doh surprise egg
3:36that has tester cars in it I’m gonna let
3:39you do that okay that looks like a weird
3:53old bird that looks like a weird old
4:04[Music] 4:09even brave bomb piggy a red bump shut
4:21yeah I knew all of ya bomb Angry Birds
4:30beasts turn yellow angry bird speedster
4:33wrong thinking a red shucks a piggy
4:39and the biggest hatred
4:48we have shocked now
4:51oh look meet me
4:56you see if these will try to help you
4:58Shrek it’s too big number carrots also
5:11you have a small beat Bobby J’s you can
5:16stay up today he did to the my little
5:20crackers you know you only have red the
5:37let’s see piggy can destroy the other
5:40team you can be feet destroy the piggy
5:55read destroy the city he destroyed the
5:58piggy now let’s test out or playsets we
6:28are about to set up our Angry Birds Hot
6:32Wheels track here okay they off to coal
6:35coal it’s an it’s yeah it’s kind of an
6:37obstacle course you have the launcher
6:38here you watch red he goes all the way
6:42down ah we just knocked over our Angry
6:46Birds collision course and maybe ruined
6:50for now that stinks
6:52oh man so we’re going to set this up
6:55again and then we’re going to launch
6:58read this okay we’ll watch red right off
7:03the ramp it’s going to knock down our
7:05Angry Birds collision course here okay
7:09we’re gonna we’re just showing that the
7:11little breakers here the wall breaker
7:21[Music] 7:25so Angry Bird read the Hot Wheels track
7:29knocks off the the walls here the castle
7:35walls whoop we also got these though
7:39these little spinners so let’s see let’s
7:43see if those work do those work all
7:52right let’s see Chuck it’s pretty flat
7:54and he’s pretty slow okay I almost made
8:00it you guys see this so now now we have
8:06got our angry birds set connect set
8:10built we’re going to send red right off
8:19the cliff into the Angry Birds connect
8:23set Oh awesome
8:41[Music] 8:44total destruction that’s a good way to
8:50make a mess now we got to clean all that
8:53up do it
9:10[Music] 9:12[Applause] 9:15okay now we’re gonna see if these non
9:19Hot Wheels cars actually work
9:22let’s see red go No
9:31yeah oh he got one hey piggy Chuck Chuck
9:43he can fly watch him fly uh kinda
9:53parents is too fat to fit in there see
10:00ya launch him anyway look he gets stuck
10:11no wait big ole boy I could get these
10:15boy hey I got no not bad oh just don’t
10:26they don’t go down the the track very
10:29good that’s okay
10:32soon traffic jam / / / / / the
10:40construction site right there are you
10:43saying beat beat for gives it the
10:45traffic yeah baby baby baby baby baby
10:49baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby
10:54beat out knows you want to go down there
10:57guys oh me too
11:01hmm thanks for watching this video
11:05remember to subscribe
11:07[Music] 11:21you

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