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Video Description: In this video PS Toy Reviews opens a cute Disney Minnie Mouse lunchbox filled with surprise blind bags. Check it out.

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0:00 hey everybody it’s Paul and Shannon in
0:02 today we are here with the Minnie Mouse
0:04 lunchbox yay we think this lunchbox is
0:07 so cute I love it and it contains the
0:10 perfect lunch the perfect lunch open it
0:13 up and see what’s inside so there’s a
0:15 ham and cheese sandwich and an apple and
0:18 some carrot sticks and a juice box close
0:22 oh there’s toys hmm that is a perfect
0:27 lunch it’s not like a little pudding cup
0:28 in a milk and food in chocolate bar and
0:31 a pet to share lunch with and a
0:33 chocolate egg and a Minecraft cuz you
0:35 need Minecraft in a shopkins season 6
0:38 look at that
0:39 sounds good the shifflett a chef got the
0:41 chef’s to make it all for you a chef to
0:42 make it ok well let’s open these toys up
0:44 all right sounds good pick something and
0:46 open it me first
0:47 yes you first okay I’m gonna pick the
0:49 pet friend to share your lunch with all
0:52 right
0:52 it’s a LITTLEST PET SHOP fashions and
0:54 this is series 3 today I want to get to
0:57 do I want to get who don’t want to get I
0:59 wanna get the little octopus again
1:01 because I love it I want to get whatever
1:02 it is with the purple and pink hair
1:03 that’s a puppy Bobby let’s see oh we
1:13 have potential hedgehogs or a porcupine
1:18 very cute pushy squishy yep I don’t know
1:24 hopefully we get something that the
1:26 Hedgehog wings like chocolate bars okay
1:29 well that’s what we’ll put up next then
1:31 be crusty chocolate bar you’ll see get
1:35 to groceries inside let’s see what we
1:37 get oh it feels hard I wonder if it’s an
1:44 ultra rare nope it’s the tasteless tart
1:47 just wasn’t very squishy in the package
1:48 yum yum yum yum yum yum
1:51 okay you let you sit the next one is oh
1:55 it’s the disgusting mustard but you know
2:01 what you could put the disgusting
2:03 mustard on what your chocolate surprise
2:07 egg
2:08 oh you mean wouldn’t that be delicious
2:10 to it it’s mustard colored yeah
2:12 because in Dominion so this is a choco
2:14 treasure chocolate egg and it’s minions
2:17 theme and if you eat all your lunch you
2:22 might get a chocolate egg as a treat
2:25 let’s see what is in here I can’t bust
2:31 it open wow it’s really there we go it’s
2:37 really going on there suck on that egg
2:39 that’s funny
2:41 okay I know there was a way to open
2:45 these trick way I’ve got chocolate all
2:49 over my hands now oh we have a puzzle a
2:52 puzzle yeah so let’s see let’s look at
2:55 this um why don’t I see the puzzle on
2:59 here hey I think we got something that
3:01 you can’t get Wow because it’s not
3:03 listed but we have a puzzle so I’ll have
3:07 to try to put that together and show you
3:08 at the end of the video okay re I’m
3:12 going to open up the line craft
3:13 just because you need Minecraft with
3:15 lunch so here’s the people this is
3:17 serious – the stone series I would like
3:20 to get detained wolf or a duck I think
3:23 they would be good one-time companions
3:25 the wolf might steal your food hmm
3:28 do you think you want Oh
3:32 instead we got the zombie pigman that’s
3:35 like the worst lunch companion ever cool
3:40 figure but not good for lunch okay
3:43 I’m gonna open up oh there’s lots of
3:45 shopkins I’m going to open up season
3:48 five so this is a 2 pack and from now on
3:53 if you buy season 5 shopkins you have to
3:57 look for the golden ticket yes because
3:59 moose has been very sneaky and they hid
4:01 five golden tickets in shopkins season 5
4:05 and if you find one you get to go to
4:08 Australia
4:09 to see the moose headquarters how
4:12 awesome would that be
4:13 no be very awesome leave a comment down
4:16 below and let us know what you would
4:18 like to see most at least like shopkins
4:21 or gross shrinking or snarky maybe you
4:24 could meet snorky
4:25 or Betty spaghetti or puppet or pixels
4:31 or Haley have the fun drum one drum that
4:37 is tough I went to meet a life-sized
4:41 slick breadstick
4:43 I’m gonna dump shopkins also is the
4:45 Philly food fair and let’s see who we
4:51 get today oh but get the Golden
4:52 Delicious on it
4:53 oh we do not but I got an ultra rare and
4:57 the season 100 bears fun because it has
5:02 season 1 2 3 in it this is season 1 this
5:05 is wishes now of course it’s a special
5:07 paint job you can only get in the food
5:09 fair so very cool and we got somebody
5:13 from season 3 who is now an ultra rare
5:16 in food fair this is Nilla slice and
5:19 it’s like a crystal woods like useless
5:21 baby
5:22 trait zombie pigman is gonna stay on top
5:26 with no slice well that’s just silly
5:29 it is but the zombie pigman is silly
5:31 okay so I’m an open up the milk carton
5:35 because I had a chocolate eggs now I
5:36 need some milk okay this is tokidoki
5:38 moopheus series 2 and let’s see I want
5:43 muscles the protein muscles sorry yes I
5:46 want one yogurt cups we have Pierre ha
5:58 ha Kathy allez that’s right he’s so cute
6:02 with his little mustache a little
6:03 Starbucks drink in my lunchbox oh it
6:05 sounds delicious
6:07 ok I’m gonna open up the num noms cuz
6:10 it’s like aa little pudding Cup this is
6:12 series 1 check that out so I hope I get
6:15 anything for us ice cream noms in series
6:18 one you can get cupcake remember so they
6:23 want blind bag in series one although it
6:25 says ice cream mom haha that’s cool do
6:29 you have the
6:31 Oh smell so good smoke bananas and cream
6:34 I do have a checklist let’s open it I’m
6:37 building my puzzle here this is all
6:40 right so let’s see if we can find this
6:42 one on the checklist I don’t see it
6:50 right there oh there it is Shannon found
6:52 Nana berry Nana berry I said it smelled
6:54 like bananas and cream so yo Chad Nana
6:57 berry very cute it looks like we got the
7:00 cherry gloss up which is cool all right
7:05 and look I finished oh no wait bro oh oh
7:08 wait I’m just gonna show you my puzzle
7:10 okay I’m just gonna tilt the camera down
7:12 and show you my puzzle
7:13 yay it’s so cute it has three little
7:15 minions huh and I must say I’m quite
7:17 impressed this puzzle went together
7:19 amazingly well for something out of a
7:22 little chocolate egg no the pieces fit
7:24 really good the edges of a room ice yeah
7:26 it’s really cool
7:28 okay so one last thing is the shopkins
7:33 season six Chef Club so let’s see what
7:38 we have in here I’m get pull the
7:41 checklist if you want to see all the
7:43 shopkins you can look back in our videos
7:45 we did an opening of season six and it
7:48 shows the entire checklist so let’s see
7:52 foobie have oh this one I think is a
7:58 duplicate you think everything is it
8:02 Wilbur what
8:02 that’s Wilbur what cream okay so it’s
8:04 not a duplicate yeah it is not a
8:06 duplicate Wilbur what cream
8:08 he’s from the chocolate sundae mmm is
8:10 wit and delicious so all of these
8:14 shopkins from season six are little food
8:18 ingredients that you use to make recipes
8:20 and they have this special little code
8:22 on the back that you’re going to be able
8:23 to use in the app for season six so many
8:28 Mel says the lunchbox had so many fun
8:30 surprises inside check them all out I
8:32 don’t know what Paul was thinking this
8:34 doesn’t look like a balanced lunch but
8:37 it does look like a fun lunch other
8:39 thing that has balanced up there pretty
8:40 good yes he is okay so Paul what was
8:43 your favorite thing from two
8:44 video I think I want to go with Pierre
8:46 today Pierre good pick okay I want to go
8:50 with the puzzle okay I enjoyed putting
8:52 that together it was a lot of fun it’s
8:53 cute it went together well and it was
8:56 just cute so what about you guys did you
8:58 like the shopkins or the grocery game or
9:02 maybe the littlest petshop
9:03 leave your vote down below in the
9:05 comments letting us know what you
9:06 thought was the best and give the video
9:09 a big thumbs up for awesome surprise
9:11 lunchboxes we’ll see you in the next
9:13 video guys see you later

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