Doc McStuffins Bio

Doc Mcstuffins is an American-Irish television series that was produced by Brown Bag Films. The children’s animated television series was produced by Chris Nee and it premiered on the 23rd of March 2012 on Disney Junior and Disney Channel.

Chris Nee’s experience with her asthmatic son’s trips to the doctor triggered her to produce the series, in order to make children’s experience at the doctor’s less scary. Doc McStuffins features a 6-year-old girl by the name Dottie McStuffins who can fix other toys, with assistance from her toy friends.

Dottie, just like her mother who was a doctor, checks-up on her toys and fixes their ailments. The show has impacted very positively on women, because of the main character and also the show’s portrayal of African-Americans. The fifth season of the series was renewed on the 16th of November 2016.

The series starts off where Dottie “Doc” McStuffins makes up her mind to become a doctor, just like her mother who is a pediatrician. Dottie, as a doctor, fixes toys and dolls. After activating her magic stethoscope, Dottie can now produce various supernatural effects such as time travel. She can also cause dolls, toys as well as stuffed animals to come to life. Her dolls, toys and animals will finally be able to see, smell, hear, move, and she is even able to interact with them.

Dottie gives her toys check-ups and helps them to recuperate by diagnosing their ailments using the encyclopedia known as “The Big Book of Boo Boos” and she diagnoses her toy pets by using the encyclopedia called “The Big Vet Book” as the veterinarian. In the fourth season of the series, the two encyclopedias are in tablet form. Original songs are included in each 11-minute episode. In season 1’s ending credits, Doc gives advice on staying healthy to the viewers. In the fourth season of the show, Dotti’s grandmother discloses her magical stethoscope and Dottie is teleported to McStuffinville, where she is put in charge of McStuffinville hospital.

According to Chris Nee, it was important to use a female as a doctor and the main character in the show, as well as also representing African-Americans, whose representation lags behind in the mainstream. The show also really affected the way children deal with doctors.

The message messaging in this series is extremely important to the kids and the show as well is indeed entertaining. Doc McStuffins is being brought in an incredible new way on Disney Junior, in a touring museum exhibit at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, as well as in other museums around the country later in 2017. This exhibit will model care and compassion in kids aged 2-7, in the immersive activities that emphasize health as well as well-being.

You can see Mcstuffins surprise toy video here.