Doc Mcstuffins Giant Surprise Egg

Video Description: The adorable host Hailey from Hailey’s Magical Playhouse shows off her gigantic Doc Mcstuffins surprise egg. Hailey dressed in her Doc Mcstuffins outfit alone with her co-host open up different Mcstuffins toys. Then, Doc McHailey’s first patient who happen to be Marie the cat from Disney gets a checkup. We love when Hailey pulled out her bag of goodies and out came Lambie & Mr. Chomp and a Play-doh stamp set.

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0:00 hello everyone
0.01 hailey’s magical playhouse
0:05 what do you have for us today Haley
0:11 I got big giant doc McStuffins egg and I got don’t know
0:18 this is a doctor’s bag said the doc is in time for your checkup time for
0:28 your checkup
0:30 cool let’s take a look at this so this is a doctor’s bag set yeah and haley
0:37 actually you want to stand up you want to show your outfit
0:40 so she has a stethoscope go and she’s also wearing a doc McStuffins outfit
0:49 that’s super cute
0:51 yeah and even came with nice pants – whoa
0:56 and how about we open this
1:04 so look at this this comes with all kinds of stuff
1:08 this looks really cool okay so we got everything out of the box and it came
1:14 with some stickers these are really cute
1:17 did you see these and then
1:21 Oh since it’s so noisy here’s the here’s the stethoscope and you can see if
1:30 there’s anything in the egg
1:32 oh yes I hear it I hear lots of toys in the egg
1:36 lots of toys what do you got there Haley
1:39 this is a blood pressure cuff
1:44 and then this is the place a wrench
1:49 so this is we can give you a shot and then that’s a I think that’s called a
1:56 otoscope and I wouldn’t put it in your mouth that they’re putting your
2:00 ears though
2:01 and then we have a play bandage
2:04 oh you got an owie let’s put that on there and make it feel better
2:08 and then the best part I think is you’ve got this carrying case i can figure out
2:15 how to open it
2:16 well there we go
2:19 oh cool and you can put everything inside here and then you can carry your
2:24 doctor’s back around with you
2:26 we need a patient don’t we
2:31 here we go time for your checkup time for your checkup
2:35 you think she’s good it’s okay
2:38 the doctors gonna help you
2:41 doc michaeli what do you see in there is a dirty
2:49 oh it’s dirty in there
2:53 she needs cleaner ears huh maybe she’s got a cold or something you want to
2:58 check your blood pressure
3:00 okay here we go
3:08 so this is Marie our special guest today
3:11this is a disney baby what’s it say doc she okay she’s okay okay good
3:21 oh it looks like Marie wants to give you a checkup
3:25 oh ok you’re the doctor but Marie I think she wants to give you a checkup
3:32 let’s check your heart bumble bumble pom pom pom pom
3:40 Oh your heart sounds good I think you’re okay
3:44 check her
3:52 she is a boo-boo on her leg oh poor thing
3:57 are you put that on there huh
4:01 she’s all fixed up yeah
4:04 she’s all fixed up
4:12 well Thank You doc mchaley really she gets a sticker
4:17 that’s me yeah yeah
4:24 yes
4:29 ok
4:31 yeah
4:35 thank you doctor but everyone to keep surprising
4:44 yeah okay yeah we should probably clean up okay good idea
4:55 hey you gave yourself a shot wow so does everything fit in here and she just
5:04 going on and on one to check your heart
5:07 time for your checkup and for your checkup
5:17 good job
5:24 you put everything away and you can bring it around with you
5:29 how cute however you want
5:35 how right
5:38 it’s a big giant surprise egg
5:42 Wow
5:44 do she need some help
5:51 I think she wants to pick some out
5:58 ok
6:03 whoa so what did you pull out
6:08 oh you put out a doc McStuffins Play-doh kit
6:12 it’s a doctor’s kit with three cans of play-doh
6:15 Wow look it’s got Lambie
6:20 and what’s his name stuffy
6:23 ok and then doc McStuffins well what’s it look like on the back
6:28 oh it’s got all kinds of little things you can do so should we do this later
6:33 alright so we’ll put this on the side whether the surprises
6:37 yeah what other surprises you got in there
6:41 whoa what is that it so it’s a physician and Lambie it’s got little Lambie and doc
6:52 McStuffins and then little things to do a checkup
6:55 that’s kind of cool wow we open it up
6:59 all right go ahead so we got everything out of the package and look at these
7:05 little tiny tools that came with it
7:07 so here’s a here’s a small shot injection or syringe and then the otoscope
7:15 we can check ears
7:18 and I don’t know what this is i think this is for maybe thermometer and then
7:24 we have Lambie
7:26 she looks really cute
7:30 she got the jelly jelly
7:36 what’s that I don’t believe you
7:40 and then we have doc McStuffins she looks adorable and I guess her jacket
7:48 kinda comes off
7:49 yes you can take your jacket off if you need to clean her and then she’s got a
7:54 little stepthoscope
7:55 her cute little pigtails and hair band
7:59 wow I wonder do her shoes come off too
8:03 cool she looks adorable
8:06 time for your checkup time for your checkup
8:09 do-do-do and then we have a big book of boo-boos
8:15 Haley I have the diagnosis
8:21 Lambie has jamalamatosis ooo want to open another surprise
8:33 all right it seems there’s other surprise toys inside there
8:38 Wow
8:41 so this is the dentist and mr. chomp pretty cool
8:46 yeah okay so we got it out of the package and it came with dental floss
8:53 do you floss your teeth Hailey yeah
8:57 Yep you sure do there’s some dental floss and here’s some toothpaste and a toothbrush
9:03 well I guess it’s for mr. chomp
9:07 so here’s mr. chomps and then here’s the dentist version of doc McStuffins
9:16 she looks so adorable Haley what do you think about the dentist version like her
9:24 you think lambie scared
9:29 there’s nothing to be afraid of with the dentist
9:31 yes she’s just gonna check your teeth so
9:39 Oh her shoes falling off there we go
9:42 she doesn’t stand very well and so mr. Chomp has a loosetoothatosis
9:50 oh that’s a great idea
10:10 you think so
10:15 so we got everything out of the box and it came with this mold set where we can
10:22 press it together and we can make these different characters we’ve got Callie
10:27 and who’s this snowman with this no man’s name
10:31 yeah what yeah what is a chilly
10:37 oh that makes sense oh how cute
10:41 all right and then we’ve got I we’ve got an extruder that looks like a syringe
10:46 so we got these stamps in here – we can stamp out some different characters
10:51 and then three things of play doh
10:57 Haley what color is this purple pink and then blue
11:06 very good and the last thing that we have is the stethoscope and its got like
11:10 a band-aid stamp on the bottom and then a heart stamp on the other side cool so
11:15 should we make some stuff
11:16 yeah I think we’ve we can make some um i am going to use the pink and I’m gonna
11:27 make the days molds right here what do you think that good idea
11:31 so how did this is we’re going to do this mold together
11:37 he’s going to chilli I’m gonna do Haley I mean Hallie and all right so we put
11:47 out
11:47 we take a little bit of Play-Doh and we’re going to put it right in this space that
11:52 we want
11:53 I don’t think you did here put your chili or chilli there
11:58 oh let’s do something that always some the purple –
12:04 of course we can always share this purple is actually kind of glittery I
12:11 didn’t know that
12:12 I don’t know if you can see it but kind of glittery alright so this is way too
12:16 much but it’s all right
12:19 he had helped put it together squeeze super squeeze
12:26 I know you shakin
12:30 presto
12:32 all right let’s check it out let’s see how they came out while so here they are
12:37 looking we since we separated the colors each one is a different color isn’t that
12:42 cool
12:43 yeah i was gonna add in there i’m sure you know you want to be stuck in a mold
12:48 I hate so I took them out of the mold and here they are they look adorable
12:53 they came out really good Haliey and a cranyon we can write something a message
12:59 Thank You doc all right cool
13:02 let’s try some else what you got there will be the extruder
13:06 let’s see what happens oh so it’s like a flat one
13:11 cool I like that color magic that is cool
13:25 oh yeah it does look like a gummy yummy
13:34 ok so the next we’re gonna try these out and I just flatten out some play-doh
13:44 alright so Stuffy and then Lambie and then how about doc McStuffins
13:50 all right just put it on there push it all the way down to the table
13:55 yeah
13:59 let us know your favorite character in the comments below
14:03 you don’t have to just pick one of these you can tell us another one like mr.
14:08 chomp or whoever other character you know from doc McStuffins right
14:16 you made a bandage oh ok so Haliey use the the stamp from here and she made a
14:23 bandage
14:24 you know Oh No Lambie has an oowee we can put the band-aid on
14:30 there we go on and we have this extruder to an earlier you know how you’re making
14:43 like gummies with it
14:45 I guess you can also make a lamby’s dress and maybe some other stuff
14:49 yeah like gummies
14:53 you do like gummies
14:56 all right i think i got her dress
15:01 oh that although it doesn’t look so great but I’m happy with it and let you
15:06 make a bow too
15:07- all right here’s Lambie
15:12 yeah if you like the video please give it a thumbs up and share it with all
15:17 your friends right yeah yeah yeah make sure you subscribe so you can watch more
15:24 videos and have a lot of fun with us and opening surprise toys surprise eggs
15:29 sometimes disney princess stuff for disney frozen and lots of fun right yeah
15:36 sometimes even hello kitty
15:38 we’ll see you tomorrow bye bye everyone
15:42 you like this yeah was your favorite everything
15:49 of course everything

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