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Video Description: The Disney Collectors host unpack her Doc McStuffins Check-up Doctor Kit, which also includes Lambie and Stuffy. The kit included 3 Play-Doh (purple, pink and blue), book mold, stethoscope, extruder and character cutters. We think it’s so cute that you can actually make bandages out of the Play-Doh with the stethoscope mold. If you would like to view the video transcript, you can do so below.
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0:00 hey guys Disney Collectors here with this new Play-doh play-set from Doc
0:06 McStuffins
0:07 this is the doctor kit and to see exactly what comes in this box
0:14 we got a stethoscope where we can load a band-aid on one side and the
0:21 little heart on the other
0:23 we also got this extruder perfect to make Lambie’s miniskirt one stamper for
0:36 Lambie and one for stuffy a heart stamper for doc
0:44 this is a book mode where we can mold dock in the front
0:53 Chilly
0:57 Hallie and the pencil
1:00 we also got three cans of play-doh here is blue
1:07 sparkling purple and pink the first one we’re going to mode ia
1:18 Lambie
1:20 and we’re going to use pink play-doh
1:26 of course press it really good and we made a perfect mode of Lambie
1:48 yeah
1:52 I think we should make her little skirt a little bit fluffier and i’m going
1:58 to use white play-doh Plus just for fun
2:12 – she looks pretty
2:17 time to mold stuffy to make stuffy
2:28 we’re going to use blue play-doh but remember you can use any color you want
2:35 press it really good and there it is
2:45 we have a brand new mode of stuffy
2:51 let’s just remove this extra play-doh and there it’s done
3:01 we’re also going to give them
3:09 eyes
3:13 it’s time to mold doc McStuffins
3:22 and for that we’re going to use the sparkling purple play-doh
3:26 I prescribe lots of love and of course cuddles
3:54 this color of play dough is perfect for Doc let’s make this other mode of doc
4:03 this time we’re going to use pink play-doh
4:18 now we’re going to make the modes inside chilly
4:24 Hallie and the pencil let’s use blue play-doh
4:36 yeah
4:41 and we have to press this really good
4:53 now we just remove the extra play doh
5:20 now let’s get Chilly
5:41 and the pencil
6:01 don’t forget your mode the band aid
6:16 and the heart from the stethoscope
6:32 yeah
6:37 after all I am a dragon and dragons are very very brave
6:42 well guys thanks for watching my videos and stay tuned for a lot more play-doh
6:47 right here on Disney collector

Video Description: We picked this video because we love the fact that Sandra is pulling out cool toys from a Doc Mcstuffins purple backpack. There are toys and even candy stuffed everywhere. We even saw some pretty neat toys that squirt water from the Doc Mcstuffins bath toys collection, In this video, you will see Doc herself, Lambie, Stuffy, Hallie, Squeakers & Mr. Chomp. Oh, also Penguins of Madagascar, Jake from Neverland Pirates and more. You can review the video caption transcript below if you would like.

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0:00 hello everyone this is Sandra with the DisneyCarToys channel and I have a
0:04 special surprise for all of you today
0:07 this is mine doc McStuffins backpack but we need a minute I think there’s
0:12 something inside here and you know what I bet it’s toys
0:16 so let’s open it up where’s my zipper oh here it is
0:20 and let’s see what we have inside holy cow just to match the backpack
0:24 poof there we go here is ShareBear how cute
0:28 she was featured in one of our videos and i love these because they’re like
0:31 the perfect size are really soft and cuddly super super adorable and there
0:36 maybe I Just Play
0:38 so there’s a little first gift and well we’ve got some big stuff
0:42 I mean it’s amazing because it’s not that big of a backpack and I like it
0:47 though because we got Doc we got Lambie and Stuffy but we’ve got a lot of toys
0:51 in here
0:52 so what we have next
0:55 are these doc mcstuffins bath corners these are cool these would be actually a
1:00 lot of fun to play with in the pool this summer so we will have to like a themed
1:04 video or something with this but let’s see we have Hallie, Lambie, Doc, Stuffy and
1:10 what’s the name of this oh ah Squeakers i was thinking like Squibbles or something
1:14 but i think that’s a new one for the pet
1:16 squeakers is a little toy here so this comes all in a little doctor’s
1:21 bag so we’ll play with use in a second here
1:25 ok now i can open up my bath toys here
1:29 I can of excited to try them out
1:32 I hope they squirt actually that was just my assumption that’s easy to do and here’s
1:37 Doc and she kind of squeaks let’s put her in opps she floats it’s very cool
1:44 I’m okay they were come let’s fill her up
1:48 ok I think she squirts i was assuming they’d all squirt from their mouths but
1:52 I think it might just be from her lab coat or something
1:55 ok let’s see fill her up ok Doc you full might take a sec there we go
2:03 and okay maybe from her stethoscope let’s see
2:07 em squirt squirt oh there we go
2:12 I totolly got the camera but now let’s fill up some of these other toys
2:20 and Stuffy looks kind of cute
2:22 ok Stuffy has a little hole in his mouth so let’s try stuffy put them in the
2:28 water and then stuffy and Doc can have like a little spray match
2:33 let’s see Stuffy full let me fill up Doc a little bit a little more
2:39 ok I think Stuffy is going to win here but we’ll see
2:43 okay ready set go getting pretty wet here
2:51 I better save the rest of these for a pool video
2:54 ok let’s see what else we have in the bag and oh I see some blind bags
2:59 check it out Littlest Pet Shoppe I love these and we still have so many
3:04 more to collect too so
3:06 let’s see if we got someone new oh I think we do ahoh lost a little piece here
3:12 and all this little baby seal and it came with a rubber ducky I think we have
3:17 had this one before we put it together though
3:20 here it’s like sometimes hard to get in ahh it’s funny the rubber ducky connects
3:27 to its head and then oh yeah
3:29 comes with this little bag so it goes right in here
3:33 very arctic looking very cute we only have one of these so this is our second
3:37 and one thing i’m going to do is have been running into kids all the time
3:41 lately so when I can try to do is like carry with me a lot of the toys that i
3:46 have double of and if you run into me you say hi and hopefully i’ll have the toys with
3:50 me and i can give you some of my toys
3:53 so we’re going to do that huh and let’s see what else we have up here is a new
3:58 doc McStuffins thing this is a music brush we turn it on
4:03 oh cool we try it I say yes
4:07 umm here’s my sessiors let’s try it ok it’s like it sounds like a Disney Princess kinda
4:14 brush and it’s like we did all these sound and lighting up around Lambie and
4:20 Doc let’s try it out here
4:23 lovely i’m not going to brush my hair anyway so there we go
4:28 this is cool my daughter actually really like this she’ll have a lot of fun with
4:31 this
4:32 there’s an on/off switch to do so if you don’t want to hear that dinging all day
4:36 you can do that
4:37 and oh look what we have here
4:42 oh this is a dentist the doc McStuffins
4:45 I’m actually never seen a set before so dentist and mr. Chomp i’m assuming that
4:51 the shark because they have like over a hundred teeth or something and they lose
4:55 their teeth a lot like three rows of teeth i don’t know
4:58 don’t quote me on this but a lot of teeth it’s kind of scary so we have
5:02 Dentisy Doc and she’s cute she’s got little green and purple scrubs and she’s
5:06 even wearing um like
5:09 what are those called the croc shoes so um yeah let’s open her up
5:14 all right now let’s open up Doc here that’s really cool set can’t wait
5:18 for the pen pets stuff come out i think it’s like this summer fall release
5:23 let’s get him out there we go here
5:27 here is Doc and she looks like a good little dentist and training and love that they
5:31 changed her outfit
5:33 let’s get her out she looks kind of different to like maybe a little older
5:37 who knows I’m huh
5:40 and she did come with a stethoscope though which is removable i’m going to
5:43 leave it on though cause am totally afraid of losing it and a sparkly
5:47 headband and well sweet her little croc shoes come off and actually Wow
5:53 all her clothes come off thats cool so you can interchange her with the other
5:56 doc McStuffins toys that’s kinda cool
5:59 now let’s check out mr. Chomp squeeze him out of here
6:09 there we go he’s free he’s pretty cool too
6:12 this a good figurine lots of teeth you can see and there some other accessories
6:17 like the big book of boo-boos the big book of boo-boos
6:22 has mr. Chomp here and it say loose-tooth-itosis so he’s definitely loosing some
6:28 teeth here so I think doc let’s close up our book of boo-boos and let’s see what
6:32 we can do for him
6:34 I think mr. Chomp kind of needs a checkup here we’ve got doc with a
6:38 toothbrush accessory
6:40 she’s going to brush his teeth but also she can recommend him using the floss
6:46 and toothpaste we still have so many toys in here I’ve had Spidey
6:52 fellows so much
6:53 and oh ok we’ve got a doc mcstuffins blind bag here and it feels like a
6:58 really small toy hmm so kind of curious to see who inside
7:04 oh and it’s Stuffy with like a little boot so maybe a little cast on his foot
7:10 I don’t think we have this one I think I would have remembered that but that’s
7:13 really cute
7:14 and now let’s open up some more
7:17 there’s a lot of pockets here so i opened up everything from the big pocket
7:22 now let’s open up stuff from the side here soo we gotta be something on the side
7:28 pocket Oh check it out
7:29 kinder surprise egg i love these this is awesome
7:34 let’s see we got our chocolate it’s kinda falling apart
7:37 let me open it up on this table here
7:40 nice orange egg and hopefully we got something cool it’s always something
7:45 different
7:45 which is fun because there are so many different toys well looks like we have
7:49 this owl and looks like she came with all this little perch for her feet almost looks
7:57 like she’s playing a video game
7:59 she got like a little headset on and the console
8:02 this could be from a movie
8:07 oh yeah this is from Penguins of Madagascar we’ve had a lot of these
8:10 penguins toys but this is cool I like her she’s pretty owl and now let’s get
8:18 more
8:19 there’s something on this side pocket up Jake and the Neverland Pirates
8:23 so we got two Disney Jr shows here let’s put up our pirates egg could get
8:29 get some pirates treasure right
8:32 and uh it got Jake on the front it’s really cool and Scully I’m actually
8:36 excited to see if it gets someone cool
8:39 it is a cool little egg to get this green and then clear
8:43 I think we have some kind of figurine I’m trying to peek as a captain hook
8:47 I don’t know haha I should just open it and see
8:51 and oh if i can get it open up there we go and all sweet we got Jake
8:59 awesome I was like getting the main character so this is perfect he looks
9:04 really cool he’s kinda his nose was kind of like a turn like a pig nose and but
9:10 otherwise he’s pretty cool dude
9:11 we’ve got some toys more toys though see I hear something in here
9:18 it’s got to be right underneath this daisy then whoa lots of candy
9:25 ok let me grab it out ok
9:27 these are my favorite the Reese’s em eggs for Easter
9:32 we’ve been eating a lot of these me and Spiley so it’s been bad we’ve got a
9:35 workout
9:36 there’s something we got these
9:40 and then Oh frozen a lot of lollipops very cool and pets so very cool toy you
9:47 got a lot of fun stuff in here so if you enjoyed this video and you like me to
9:53 open up some more surprise toys or backpacks container or whatever have let
9:59 me know
10:00 in the comments what type of surprised you’d like to see and also
10:03 like and subscribe thanks for watching and have a good day
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10:11 to watch a mystery video

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