Learning Colors With Play-Doh Videos

Learning Colors with Play Doh

Don’t worry if your child has yet to learn their colors. You can relax. It’s not a race. However, helping your child learn to pay attention, follow directions and persevere with the task give them a better chance of catching on and learning their colors at a faster pace. Focus on developing a child’s attention and listening skills so that they can follow spoken instructions. Don’t forget to spend time giving your child lots of praise and encouragement when they’re trying to learn their colors. In the videos below the…

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Mega Blocks The Spongebob Movie & Friends Play-Doh Surprise Egg

Video Description: ToyLabTV show opens up with a Mega Blocks Spongebob and the show host put together Spongebob’s launcher bed. Then he open up a huge Spongebob egg covered in Play-Doh. Some of the toys inside include Despicable Me, Big hero 6, and Honey Lemon. There is also a SpongeBob blind packet series 1 plus Kinder Surprise, Scooby Doo Ooze, Fire and Rescue mashems, Crashlings and much, much more! Quality Review: Child Appropriate Content ☑ Human Checked Caption ☑ If you are interested in seeing the content of this video in text,…

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