Paw Patrol Learn Colors Play Doh Surprises

Video Description: Toy Genie plays with Paw Patrol made out of Play-Doh in a fun way to help kids learn their colors. Some of the colors that the video go over are red, pink, blue, green, purple and orange.

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0:00 Hey guys this is Toy Genie here and today
0:02 we’re going to make some Paw Patrol
0:04 magical microwave surprises. Plus we get
0:07 to learn some colors. Are you guys ready?
0:09 Let’s get started.
0:11 Can you guys guess which Paw Patrol pup
0:15 is blue? This one should be pretty easy.
0:18 Which Paw Patrol pup is blue? We have
0:44 Chase, Chase is the blue pup. Chase is on
0:49 the case. Lets try red next. Which Paw
0:54 Patrol pup is red? I’ll give you a hint.
0:59 He says “I’m all fired up.”
1:22 We have Marshall. Marshall is the red pup.
1:29 Yen he’s a Dalmatian. How about purple.
1:35 Which Paw Patrol pup is purple?
1:40 She loves the snow and she’s a heavy.
2:03 We have Everest ice or snow. I’m ready to
2:08 go. How about yellow. Which Paw Patrol pup
2:14 is yellow? He’s a construction pup
2:42 rather and rubble on the double.
2:48 Yes the next one the next pack is orange.
2:53 Which paw patrol pup is orange?
3:19 Summa let’s dive in. Pink is next. Which
3:28 paw patrol pup is Pete? This pup loves to
3:33 fly.
3:54 Who is this? Her name rhymes with fly sky.
4:03 Lets take to the sky let’s not forget
4:09 the green pup. Who is the green pup? This
4:12 pub loves to recycle.
4:31 Green means go.
4:33 Don’t lose it reuse it. We have rocky.
4:40 Okay that’s it for this video so let me
4:43 know in the comment section which paw
4:46 patrol pup is your fav. See you guys in
4:49 the comment section bye bye for now.
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4:59 more super smelly awesome toys and
5:01 surprises right here with a toy genie.
5:03 Thanks for commenting until next time be
5:06 Happy and keep smiling

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