SpongeBob & Friends Play-Doh Surprise Egg Special Guests Skylanders, Tokidoki, Toy Story, & More!

Video Description: In this video the creator will play with different Spongebob toys like the Funko Pop, Rocker, Robot & Muscular version. Open up some Skylander 3 Puzzle Erasers & Tokidoki toys. The creator will also show Toy Story characters, Wolverine & a Marvel mini bobble head and more.

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0:00 Hey what’s up everybody welcome to open more toys today on OMT
0:06 We have a Spongebob episode we have a Funko pop Spongebob toy and then we have
0:12 A five pack of Spongebob
0:14 Figures called the hall of fame and then we have this giant Play Doh Surprise Egg
0:21 And it’s made to look like Spongebob
0:24 I made it myself with play doh took me a little while to make it like
0:29 A hour or hour in a half but am pretty happy with how it came out but first
0:33 Let’s go ahead and open up this Funko pop SpongeBob SquarePants exclusive from
0:38 Hot Topic and the reason it’s exclusive hot topic is because this special Funko pop
0:44 Boy
0:45 Glow in the dark so i pretty much like all the stuff from funko pop I think they
0:51 Make their toys and their characters look very unique
0:54 So they makes really good like shelf display pieces Spongebob pieces
0:59 No different I think it looks pretty cool like it looks like Spongebob but it
1:03 Also looks like a different artsy version of him really neat
1:08 Fortunately with my camera and my lighting we won’t be able to see how it glows in
1:11 The dark and I don’t know if my camera would pick it up anyways
1:16 All right next up we’re going to open up the Hall of Fame Spongebob Five Pack
1:21 I picked this up at Toys R US but it’s like not all the Toys
1:25 R US have Spongebob toys they’re pretty hard to find but this one did so
1:31 After we open up this 5 pack of Spongebob characters let me know who’s
1:35 Your favorite by writing in the comment
1:47 First up we’re going to take out this Spongebob character and this is Jelly
1:53 Fisher
1:54 He’s got a little net trying to catch jellyfishes and this Spongebob is
1:57 Wearing his glasses
2:00 It’s pretty cool
2:08 Next up we have Spongebot a little robot version of Spongebob out there
2:16 Got a little light bulbs for eyes
2:27 And then we have this Total Rocker Spongebob you’ve got his awesome glasses and spiky
2:34 Red hair
2:35 Jamming on the guitar
2:38 Then we have a Spongebob character which i think it was pretty funny
2:52 He’s looking back at the back of his pants and uh well hee as a little tear in
2:59 Them
3:00 It’s kind of funny it definitely looks like somebody took a little bite back
3:03 There in his pants then we have our fifth and final Spongebob character in
3:15 Here
3:16 He’s really really muscular this is Muscle Bob got huge muscular arms
3:26 Let’s see us what about what his big arms can open up that play doh surprise
3:29 Egg there see can he punch through the play doh
3:36 All right I think it’s time we go ahead and take a closer look at our giant Play
3:40 Doh Surprise Egg
3:42 Took me a while but I think I got most of the details there with play doh
3:46 All the little nooks and crannies of the Spongebob character pretty happy with
3:50 How it came out but we’re going to open them up to see all the toys inside
4:01 So right away it can see a chocolate egg bear and we have Skylander toys Final
4:07 Nation
4:07 Tokidoki stuff so we have to get all this play doh off and open it off to get a
4:12 Closer look and see what we get
4:21 The first thing we’re gonna open up as a little talky going
4:39 Tokidoki toy here this is a punk star frenzies and their little keychain toys that
4:46 Look like little punk rocker so awesome we got a little tokidoki
5:00 Character who got black hair jamming on the bass guitar
5:04 It looks like go ahead jam out with a total rocker
5:07 Spongebob we got earlier take a look at them side by side how about that
5:21 Some people have asked me to do some skylander stuff and I don’t have the video game
5:24 Game but i was able to find this Skylanders Giants puzzle erasers and this
5:30 Puzzle eraser is suppose to look like Crusher and there’s two other characters that I have
5:37 That I picked up that’s a total of 3 Puzzle Erasers I’ll do those next time in other
5:42 Videos let’s go and open up the bag and get all his little parts here all his
5:47 Little eraser parts so i’ll go ahead and assemble them and show them to you right
5:52 Now
5:54 So here’s crusher all built from Skylanders he liked the Skylanders
6:00 Giants this is a giant eraser right here
6:03 Pretty cool i am pretty happy with how it turned out really heavy hammer
6:13 Let’s go ahead and open up this well this is a DE-Cool
6:18 Superheroes and this is Wolverine here and it’s a something I found online i
6:25 Think it’s from China of but it’s supposed to be like Legos
6:28 I guess this is the Chinese version of legos but uh I open up some of these
6:34 Before i did a video but I didn’t ever post it was legalese characters I
6:38 Thought it was pretty cool i’ll see if i can go ahead and find that video and
6:42 Actually edited bring it out
6:44 And here’s our Wolvesring pack and i’ll go ahead and assemble them
6:48 Here he is all done Wolverine pretty have you pleased with how this came out
6:53 His hair is pretty neat he got his little beard there his little masks
6:57 Details on the back so they get all the details and his clothes are pretty cool
7:01 Too
7:05 Another Marvel toy this is the Marvel mini bobble head line bag and it’s four characters
7:13 To collect and after i bought these I realize I have these same things
7:19 That are not blind bag which i’m going to open up later on this one we got
7:24 Spider-man spider-man’s head with a big bobblehead vary wildly pretty cool i put
7:29 That on my dashboard my car or something
7:37 Then we have another Tokidoki toy this is royal pride lot of you have been
7:44 Asking me do more royal pride stuff and here we are with a royal pride box and the
7:49 Box looks like a little subway card but we’ll have to open it up and see what
7:53 Toys we get inside now all toys in here are like either like punk rockers or other
7:58 things you might find at like a subway station
8:01 So go ahead and open it up
8:05 Alright it looks like we got a little black business cat with a black cat suit
8:14 And tie and reaching into his coat for something
8:17 Carrying his little suitcase that say okiedokie little mean face on him
8:22 I wonder what he’s reaching for in his jacket
8:33 And then from Adventure Time we got this awesome flying tin-can for a blind box
8:39 Boy this awesome because the can itself is like a toy for this tin-can is
8:44 The Ice King and other two
8:47 Can like the main characters in the things and i’ll go ahead and do open up
8:50 Those up maybe an Adventure Time surprising video i want to see an
8:53 Adventure time surprising video write
8:55 Adventure Time in the comments all right let’s go ahead and see which character
9:02 We got in our blind bag here and black hair looks like we got Marceline the
9:08 Vampire
9:09 So these are pretty cool toys from these blind boxes think they’re pretty well
9:17 Detailed and a pretty neat-looking go ahead and put her on top of the Ice King
9:22 There
9:23 Well for next toy next up will open up pace
9:26 Spider-man chocolate surprise egg
9:40 So the chocolate I can’t wait to eat later a little knock knock on here you can practice open
9:48 Without and crumbling it open
9:50 Guess not crumbled it to a lot of pieces oh well all going to go in my mouth
9:55 Later
10:01 And then we have this little capsule that has our little spider-man toy in here
10:05 Check that out
10:06 First here’s the check list all the characters that you can get inside these
10:09 Chocolate eggs and here’s our first hero who can tell me the name of this Marvel
10:21 Character this might not be easy and it might be easy for some of you who really
10:25 No Marvel characters really well you know the name of his character write in
10:28 The comments
10:29 We have another blind bags the Angry Birds mashup I think we’ve almost like
10:39 That all the angry bird mash’em characters
10:42 But I could always use some more all awesome we got the Bluebird so I could
10:46 Always use at least three of these Bluebirds make this set
10:52 Angry birds mash’ems are probably one of my favorite mashups because well they
10:55 Look exactly like they’re angry bird character and they’re super super
11:00 Squishy
11:01 Now we have a Final Nation from Toy Story these are the series 2 Final Nation Toy
11:05 Story and the front back you see Woody and you see Buzz Lightyear and these are the
11:11 Characters you can get inside
11:16 Yeah
11:27 Oh how cool we got the black and white version of Woody
11:43 And just like our last week video we’re going to end the video with a little Frozen
11:49 Surprise toy here these are the the dog tag and sticker combos
11:54 So first we’ll get our checklist and our sticker
11:58 So there’s our checklist with all the dog tag we can collect and there’s our
12:02 Sticker and it’s the exact same sticker we got last week I wonder if we get the same
12:06 Dog tag
12:08 We do have the same dog tag we got last week so we got the same sticker and dog
12:12 Tag which I don’t mind because the sticker is really awesome
12:15 Both great to have more than one and this Elsa dog tag is definitely one of
12:19 The best I think you can get the series love the artwork here
12:28 So l’ll go ahead and just put that off to the side
12:31 Put that with my other dogs tags put them away later as all the time we have
12:36 This very special
12:38 Spongebob episode of our giant egg Spongebob
12:42 And if you like this video make sure to hit the like button down below
12:45 Give our video a big thumbs up and we’ll continue to bring more videos to you
12:50 Well i hope you liked this video that’s all the time we have today I’m opening
12:53 More toys and if you haven’t already go ahead and click right here to go ahead
12:57 And subscribe to my channel
12:59 Alright thanks for watching and see you next time and open more toys

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