Mega Blocks The Spongebob Movie & Friends Play-Doh Surprise Egg

Video Description: ToyLabTV show opens up with a Mega Blocks Spongebob and the show host put together Spongebob’s launcher bed. Then he open up a huge Spongebob egg covered in Play-Doh. Some of the toys inside include Despicable Me, Big hero 6, and Honey Lemon. There is also a SpongeBob blind packet series 1 plus Kinder Surprise, Scooby Doo Ooze, Fire and Rescue mashems, Crashlings and much, much more!

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0:00 hi toy labbers if you’re excited about the new Spongebob Squarepants movie
0:04 Sponge Out of Water
0:06 you’re going to love this giant Play-doh Spongebob egg we’re going to open today
0:10 on ToyLabTV
0:12 we’ve got Patrick here and Gary to help us out
0:15 they’re also going to watch as we open this Mega Blocks set that’s got Spongebob
0:20 and I think that’s his bed in there were going to open this up first alright
0:26 there we go
0:27 I think Spongebob is still stuck up here in this window and got him now
0:32 alright so this is the Mega Block Spongebob character his arms move the
0:44 legs don’t
0:46 yeah
0:48 he’ll be sitting on this bed that we’re going to put together here in just a
0:51 minute
0:51 it’s going to come down here and it says are 32 pieces in here
0:56 get the scissors let’s put this together
1:04 SpongeBob’s ready to try out his new launcher bed that we just put together
1:08 for him there
1:10 so spongebob coming in from a long day work
1:14 he’s eating dinner already I’m tired now he’s going to get in is launcher
1:19 bed and go to sleep cover his eyes up there as he go to sleep all night and
1:26 then ding ding ding
1:27 his alarm clock goes off and he’s late for work so he has to go to work quickly
1:30 so he launches himself to work
1:34 want to see that again let’s try it again put Spongebob back in there
1:40 hit this little lever and launches to work
1:44 ok now we’ve put together our spongebob mega blocks bed launcher set wacky pack
1:51 I’m really excited about getting into this bad boy right here
1:55 we want to be nice though take his eyeball off so you can still watch see
2:01 he got two eyeballs so he will be able to watch from either side ah-oh eyelash fell down
2:05 kind of looks like
2:07 looks like they’re so take off his mouth
2:15 there’s the egg inside it is a big a egg i can all already see stuff inside
2:22 there there now we’re talking
2:27 look at all this cool stuff inside this egg
2:35 I see some more mega blocks in there ok what should we start with first to tell
2:41 you what let’s start on this side with this like a little of hand clap
2:49 oh I see
2:50 ok I’m sure you’ll make lots of noise when you go to a football game and cheer on
2:58 the crowd
3:00 okay there we go
3:03 Despicable Me you know there’s a minion movie coming out this summer
3:07 I cannot wait for that to come out we’re gonna start doing some despicable me
3:10 minion toys here pretty soon on ToyLab TV kind of starting off with this guy
3:15 this is a puzzle erasers let’s open it up
3:29 all the pieces of this little minion eraser come apart
3:33 we’re gonna try to put it back together so it looks kind of like whole and look
3:38 he’s got the remember this
3:41 the movie there we go these are the little rotating red lights you know like
3:47 the police siren
3:48 the bedo bedo looky here some Big Hero 6 it says there are eight sticker sheets
4:00 and 24 dog tags i wonder which one this is going to be think we’ve got our work
4:09 cut out for us collecting all of these guys definitely have to pick some more
4:16 up in the store and these are the stickers on the other side because let’s
4:21 see which one we have
4:23 there’s the sticker
4:26 the hero and Baymax those are pretty cool sticker
4:32 all right let’s check out the dog tag
4:38 wow look at that it says Honey Lemon is there a picture of honey lemon yes i think so
4:50 yeah
4:57 and there is honey lemon all right what do we have here next
5:02 it’s a sponge bob blind packet so who is going to be in here which characters and
5:09 the sponge bob or one of these other guys
5:12 this says series 1 so am cutting right through right there with the scissors
5:24 to show you all the guys that all the characters that are in these packets
5:31 they actually cut this piece of paper and a half when I cut it open
5:38 so all right let’s see what’s what forget about that
5:41 this is the important part here ok so this is mega blocks I think this is the
5:46 this clear piece of mega blocks is actually water so it’s clear some sort
5:52 of paddle
5:59 take all this out and dumping will try to put together figure out who it is
6:03 ok so we put together our spongebob micro action figure from the mega bloks
6:10 blind packet and this is what we have it turned out it is
6:13 spongebob and he has these to paddle thing is so i will look them up on the chart
6:18 that I kind of cut in half there a minute ago and it looks like he’s this
6:21 guy right here and these little markers down the bottom tell you which one you
6:27 got did you get like a common or rare looks like we got a rare
6:32 spongebob so that’s cool we got quite a few more to collect
6:35 so this is part of series 1 and will keep bringing those into our future eggs
6:40 now let’s move on to the the egg and see what else is in here i see more
6:45 SpongeBob’s we come to that in a minute let’s do something different here we go
6:49 all right planes Fire and Rescue mashems
6:56 Kind of like a kinder egg without the chocolate
7:05 this oh that is a Cabbie almost don’t recognize him at first we hadn’t done
7:14 cabbie review video a while back I wouldn’t recognize them but that is
7:19 definitely a Cabbie mashem give it a squeeze here he does not like to squeeze
7:25 very much for there we go
7:28 course that’s the coolest part of having a mashem give it a squeeze
7:34 all right this is another erasers possibly racer spongebob so let’s do
7:43 this we must be thinking we’re going to make a lot of mistakes with our pencil
7:47 paper here all these erasers
7:50 ok this is cool this could be cool if you had this in school to erase all the
7:54 mistakes on your math homework a crash lanes
8:02 there we go ok this Crashlings a kind of looks like a little ladybug
8:13 let’s figure out to take a look at the chart and figure which one we actually
8:16 have it says there’s over a hundred and fifty to collect this guy’s in the
8:21 thirties I think he is right there
8:24 Lunar Luck
8:26 see what else do we have some Scooby Doo Ooze looks like green goo which i think is
8:33 what it’s supposed to be
8:38 Wow
8:40 there we go
8:47 yeah this is very cool
8:57 gooey sticky but you know what
9:00 it’s not sticking to my hands that’s sticking anything else no so this is the
9:05 perfect kind of goo to play with at home
9:07 all right our last item here in the egg is another egg kinder surprise
9:19 yeah
9:28 it looks like this is a GoMove toy and there’s some Springs here you’re going
9:39 to put this piece onto a spring so that’s our giant sponge bob play-doh
9:47 surprise egg
9:48 if you like spongebob give us a big thumbs up and make sure you subscribe to
9:53 ToyLabTV for more spongebob toys and giant surprise eggs to come
10:11 yeah
10:16 ok

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