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Video Description: Watch the host from Surprise Toy Collections go through his Thomas And Friends different colors play-doh mold set. Characters include: Thomas, Percy, Harold and James.

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0:00hey guys welcome to another video today
0:02we’re going to take a look at some
0:03Thomas and Friends play-doh set that I
0:05managed to find the other day and I just
0:07thought it was super cool so let’s take
0:09a look at some of the dough that we get
0:11in this set now you get two of each
0:15character as you can see in the
0:17background there but I’ll just show you
0:19the the main ones first so we get the
0:22blue tab Thomas and Friends Doh and we
0:25have Thomas James and Percy and Harold
0:30are the four main characters in this
0:32particular set on each tab we have a
0:36mold on top now the molds correspond to
0:39the four characters so we’ve got Thomas
0:42on the top of this one the green one
0:45we have Percy now these two emit and
0:49mixed around for some unknown reason and
0:52I’m going to clue why they mixed round
0:53but the red one should have a James mold
0:57on top but it hasn’t so yeah on the
1:01white one is the James mold and on the
1:06red one is the Harold mold and let’s
1:10have a look what else we get in this set
1:12we also get a James cutter we got two
1:18sides to the cutter we also get a thomas
1:23cutter which is a different cutter just
1:24to do the fine detail around the molds
1:27we get a narrow mold we also get a train
1:32mode now I’m guessing this is supposed
1:34to be Percy but it’s a bit wonky and it
1:37could be any train you know if you did a
1:39blue one it could be Thomas if you did
1:42it you know if you did a red one it
1:43could be James or if you did a white one
1:45it could just be a white train and we
1:48also get a bigger Thomas mold which is
1:52really nice now these big ones would
1:54look pretty cool and we also get a James
2:00big mold as well which you know the D in
2:02the details there you know it’s you know
2:05it’s just for fun in it so let’s see
2:06let’s make a few molds up and see what
2:09they look like so the first mode we’ll
2:12do we’ll have a look at
2:13Thomas and inside the pot we have our
2:17blue dough now the parts are only small
2:21it in the whole set you get 400 grams of
2:25dough itself that’s in the whole eight
2:27tubs so it’s quite it’s quite a lot of
2:31dough actually so basically you all you
2:33do is you put it down there and then
2:35these actors like little stamps so you
2:38just basically push them down like this
2:41as hard as you can until the dough folds
2:45around it and then you take it off
2:48easily peel this off here like this you
2:56know you can be quite rough either you
2:57don’t have to be gentle with it so with
2:59the excess dough then we’ll just make
3:03another ball and we’ll take a look at
3:06our first thomas mold so yeah the first
3:10mole come out really nice actually it’s
3:12got you know the detail is there
3:14definitely that’s really nice really
3:17cool so let’s put it over there I will
3:21make a bigger mold from the big Thomas
3:27and see what that comes out like the
3:31detail looks all right in on the actual
3:34on the actual mold itself but we’ll see
3:40so basically you put it on push down and
3:44hope for the best and see what we get so
3:52hopefully that’s good but you can use
3:55the cat does you know that’s what the
3:56cutters are far you can use to go around
3:59the outside just to make it a bit nice
4:05Nita always keep your access together so
4:10you can have fun and another day but
4:14yeah look at that that’s really nice
4:16that one is you know 3d embossed really
4:19nice detail so let’s take a look at the
4:24mold which is our POC and hopefully our
4:30PC will come out just as cool as Oh
4:34Thomas did I see this so there’s the
4:39mold you can either use it like that or
4:41I prefer to use it with the actual thing
4:46itself the actual tub so you can just
4:48push it down like this and there’s OPC
4:53inside which is pretty cool so you just
4:57pop him out like that always keep the
5:01excess as well really nice look at that
5:03pretty cool so that’s our jeans no a PC
5:09sorry so let’s go on to do our jeans and
5:17see so this is a different one now so
5:19we’ve got a white tab with gmc’s pattern
5:23on it and we’ve got our red tab so we
5:25need to take a red dough from our red
5:29tab here
5:51and there is our GM’s you know the ID it
5:56is then is we’ve cut around the actual
6:00molds themselves let’s see if we can do
6:04this so basically you just cut around
6:06the mold you know as best as you can and
6:11hopefully you get a cool pattern from
6:21the actual mold themselves which is
6:25really nice and there is our James you
6:35know he needs to be tidied up a little
6:37bit but it’s really cool so let’s do our
6:42Harold yeah so we’re going to take our
6:47play-doh which I’ve got here the really
6:52nice color one and let’s see now this is
7:01going to be really nice so we take a bit
7:04of our mold here take a bit of our dough
7:09let me put it by there and let’s do
7:14now the Harold mold is there and
7:16hopefully this is going to come out okay
7:24so let’s see you just cut around that
7:26again to see the actual mold of Harold
7:31and the mold of Harold is really nice
7:35actually it’s pretty cool so yeah let’s
7:40take a look at our ro and do a little
7:44arrow a couple of arrows to see so
7:47basically we’re going to put our arrow
7:48on top of our dough like this and just
7:54push it in like that and then we’re
7:57going to take our dough from around it
8:01and we have our arrow which is really
8:06cool and you can make bigger arrows too
8:09just by pushing it down slightly like
8:13this just to create a bigger arrow and
8:20it will keep its shape as long as you’re
8:21gentle with it it will create a shape
8:24like that which is really nice so let’s
8:28take our play-doh and make a Thomas a
8:31mold from Thomas in our play-doh and see
8:36what it comes out like hopefully be some
8:40really nice detail play-doh is really
8:44cool so there’s our plate there’s our
8:46Thomas made in the play-doh you know as
8:51you can see really you know really good
8:53detail actually not so we’re going to
8:56take our Thomas cutter I’m just going to
9:00cut around it like that and you can have
9:10a lot more fun with these as well you
9:11don’t have to just do the molds you can
9:13make other things out of them but we’re
9:15just going to do the molds in this video
9:18so there we have it guys there’s our
9:20Thomas and Friends Doh molds now you can
9:25do loads more with these molds and you
9:27can also you know you could make the
9:28front of the Train there and then you
9:31could make a body for it and stick the
9:33front on but there’s loads you can do
9:35and hopefully you guys you enjoyed this
9:37video let me know in the comments where
9:39you think about the Thomas & Friends
9:40play-doh molds hope everyone’s having a
9:43fantastic day as always and I’ll see you
9:47next time

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